3 motorcycle routes near Seattle

Mt. Rainier near Seattle - Wikipedia photo
Mt. Rainier near Seattle - Wikipedia photo

Seattle can be a great place to ride, even if you live in the east, since you can fly in and rent a bike within a few miles of the airport. For all you switchback road lovers there's the Hwy 410 switchback near Mt Rainier. See more info and the 3 routes on our Western Routes - Seattle page.


It does snow some in December and January, and rain can be an issue. However, the average rainfall is only one inch in the months of July & August, with average high temps in the mid-70's and lows in the mid-50's.


Sounds like ideal summer riding weather to me.


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    Joan Sabula (Tuesday, 18 March 2014 14:32)

    One of the cool websites I found when looking for great places to ride was http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/LocalPrograms/ScenicByways/HiddenCoast.htm.