Incredible ride - Blue Ridge Parkway

Last week we rode 230 miles southbound on the Blue Ridge Parkway between Floyd, VA and Asheville, NC. It was a pleasant 83 degrees in Boone, NC while North Wilkesboro at the base of the mountain was 90 and humid. Thursday's traffic was light until we neared Asheville.


Here's a Parkway tunnel list, including the Twin Tunnels in the photo (MM344).

"Linn Cove Viaduct (above) is a 1,243-foot (379 m) concrete segmental bridge which snakes around the slopes of Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina. It was completed in 1987 at a cost of $10 million and was the last section of the Blue Ridge Parkway to be finished. The viaduct was needed because of the damage that a traditional cut-and-fill road would have caused to Grandfather Mountain. The viaduct was designed by Figg and Muller Engineers, Inc. Construction began in 1979. It is 1,243 feet (379 m) long and consists of 153 segments weighing 50 tons each. The bridge's segments were precast at an indoor facility at the south side of the parkway. After being transported to the bridge site, each section was lowered into place by a custom crane placed on either edge of the existing structure. The only work done at ground level was drilling for the seven footings which support the viaduct. In particular, there was no access road other than the Blue Ridge Parkway itself. The bridge has received eleven design awards."

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