Dinosaur, Colorado

Winding up for Douglas Pass, Google Maps photo by Craig Gaebel
Winding up for Douglas Pass, Google Maps photo by Craig Gaebel

Head north from Grand Junction, CO on Douglas Pass Road (Hwy 139 in Loma) to Dinosaur National Monument. See Google map with directions.


Dinosaur National Monument


Canyons and Rivers


"If you desire is to see some of the spectacular canyon country scenery, the Colorado side is the place for you. The Harpers Corner Road is a 32 mile scenic drive that includes overlooks of the Yampa and Green rivers. The short Harpers Corner Trail at the road's end is a must to get the most dramatic views. For those with a high clearance vehicle, The drive to Echo Park will take you into the depths of the river canyons."



"The route goes by colorful Plug Hat Butte, which contains a wheelchair-accessible trail and a picnic area. As the road continues to gain elevation, the scenery reflects the changing ecosystems. The last 12 miles include several striking viewpoints and overlooks, some as high as 2500 feet above the Green and Yampa rivers. Steamboat Rock hides the confluence of the two rivers from view at the Echo Park overlook. A one-mile (one-way) trail at the end of the route leads to a vista with views into Whirlpool, Lodore, and Yampa canyons."



Click the map below to enlarge the canyon section of Harpers Corner Rd.

Close up of the canyon section of Harpers Corner Road from NPS (View Park Map)
Close up of the canyon section of Harpers Corner Road from NPS (View Park Map)


Dinosaur Fossils


"If you want to see Dinosaur Fossils, the Utah side of the monument is where you will want to go. Utah State Highway 149 takes visitors from US Highway 40 in Jensen, Utah into the monument and to the Quarry Visitor Center. Depending on the season, you may either drive to the Dinosaur Quarry Exhibit Hall or in summer, a shuttle bus will take you."



"The Quarry Exhibit Hall, located over the world-famous Carnegie Dinosaur Quarry, is open! The Quarry Exhibit Hall allows visitors to view the wall of approximately 1,500 dinosaur bones in a refurbished, comfortable space. Here, you can gaze upon the remains of numerous different species of dinosaurs including Allosaurus, Apatosaurus, Camarasaurus, Diplodicus, and Stegosaurus along with several others. Exhibits, including an 80-foot long mural, reveal the story of these animals and many others that lived in the Morrison environment during the late Jurassic. There are even several places where you can touch real 149 million year old dinosaur fossils!"


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