My ideal Vegas vacation

5 hotel nights, 5 day motorcycle rental


Day 1 - Fly in and check out the hotels. There's lots of free things to see, like the Mirage volcano, the outdoor fountains and the conservatory inside the Bellagio, and the Freemont Street light show.


Day 2 - Rent a bike. Las Vegas Motorcycle Rentals has a variety of sportbikes, Windhorse offers Harley Davidson, EagleRider has BMW, Honda, and Harley.  Just three hours northeast of Las Vegas is Zion National Park.  Three hours north of Zion is Bryce Canyon National Park.  Spend the night at the motel just outside Bryce.  


Day 3 - On the way back to Vegas swing by Cedar Breaks National Monument, and Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada.  


Day 4 - The south rim of the Grand Canyon is a 300 mile ride, with hotels 25 miles short of the rim.  See the canyon in the afternoon sun and again in the morning sun for different photos in the best light. This one's still on my bucket list.


Day 5 - Head 250 miles southwest to Lake Havasu City, Arizona - new home of London Bridge.


Day 6 - 150 miles back to Vegas, return the bike, catch a flight out.


Day 7 - rest.

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